Cant connect to servers/servers wont show up

when I open Garry’s mod and go to multiplayer, there is only like 3 servers and when I try to join any of them text “connection failed after 4 retries” shows up.
I have opened all the ports that are needed to and I have also changed my IP to static as well re-installed the game.
My internet is also good (I think so) and I can play other games online normally so it can’t be that…
please help!

Does the same thing occur if you use the legacy browser?

I must be horrible n00b because I haven’t heard about legacy browser… so what is it?

When in the server browser in GMOD, on the menu on the left there should be a legacy browser button, like this:

Edit: I suppose it would have been useful to highlight the button in a box or something, but meh…

Oh yeah that button (I was so sure that I was seen that sentence somewhere)
In legacy browser any servers arent showing up, so the samething happens there too :frowning:

Not entirely sure, but most people have recommended Verifying the integrity via Steam, to check for possible corrupted files.

Are you also able to confirm exactly what ports you’ve forwarded to your machine?
You’ve probably got it right, but just making sure.

Might be worth testing the ports with a tool like: just to make sure they are open correctly.

Just a FYI, such tools are unreliable. It says 27015 is closed for me, however I can host a server no problem.

Ahh thanks, useful to know, as I never really used them myself.

I Verified the integrity and it didn’t work either…
Also when I opened the ports I checked them via a software (portforward) and it said that the ports were open and also the right ones for Garry. But how can I then be sure are they really open if it’s true what Robotboy said?

If it says they are open, they must be open. But port forwarding os only useful for server hosting anyway. With your problem it is firewalls which block Garry’s Mod for accessing the Internet.

yh, I have also tried to play Gmod with firewalls off but hasn’t work either D:

Someone help pls…