Can't connect to servers

Title says it all.

Same here, been getting this right now, maybe they are updating something has theres some indication of stuff being added in the front page, not sure though

There is only one server, the game is in alpha, there are a lot of players online.

Is the case would be too many players, it would say it had reached capacity, right now the number of players is for sure under capacity.

it could be a while before its back

Shit man, this sucks.

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But thanks for the info.

Does it take that much time to reset it all? Men, I was really enjoying it :stuck_out_tongue:

The current situation is rare, usually only takes 20 seconds or so to restart, the problem is the computer is locked up and recovering so hard that i can’t log into it.

Maybe just wipe the map then? Dunno really. I know that we have a gigantic base which just drains resources anyways.

Restart the computer itself? If I understood you correctly.

Yea structures will be wiped as i mentioned in the other post. The current situation is the server isn’t actually right next to me so i can’t press the restart button manually. I have no means of doing anything with it until it finishes whatever its doing that is preventing me from logging in. So i apologize again, it hopefully will be back up soon.

Can’t you try contacting the host and ask them to manually restart the server for you? Might be too late depending on where it is hosted, tohugh.

** Well this sounds to me as a turtle flipped on its back, and until it gets back on its feet, we have no way of doing anything…
Cant you like shutdown the website itself to stop people from trying to connect or something of the sort?**

I don’t have any of the info unfortunately. Garry is away right now, but i shot him a few messages and hopefuly this wont happen again.

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Its back up now

Amen to that, thank you kind Sir.

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