Can't connect to UK English only

I am able to connect to every single server EXCEPT the one my team plays on… it just gets stuck after the bundle loads on the gray facepunch logo. I have uninstalled unity web player and have tried Opera, Google Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer (God help me). So if anyone has any suggestions I’d gladly welcome them, I’ve looked through all the threads related to this one but it seems that most people can’t log onto an entire set of servers (i.e. EU servers). I know it isn’t my computer since I’ve also tried it on my laptop and my mom’s computer, help me! D:?

Attempted fixes:
Different browsers
Patience (letting is sit 20+ minutes)
Uninstalling/reinstalling Web player

I cant connect to ANY of the servers. Consider yourself lucky.

its a bug, they looking on it tomorrow…

I can’t either! Have you found a fix for it?

I’m sorry man, that would fucking blow :frowning: The unfortunate part is my team has created quite the base on that server, so either they lose that and play with me, or I play solo D:

Nope, was hoping today at school that they’d fix it, i was actually surprised it wasnt working.