Can't Connect To US or noPVP US Servers

I live on the west side of the United States and I can’t connect to either US servers. But, I am able to connect to the EU server without a problem. When I try join either US server, I download everything then I get stuck at this page

Is there a possible fix for this? If so, I’d love to know so I can play on the noPVP or the US server. Thanks
-Shy Guy

Everyone can’t join man. It’s an issue they’re working on. Personally, I believe its an overload of players trying to connect to one server, and everyone trying to be in the queue at once, but I may be wrong.

this means, the servers are down. And will be back up when one of the dev’s fix w.e the problem is.

The US server is down im pretty sure

Same here :o It says 160 players on.

When the server crashes, it freezes the number of how many players were last on when it crashed.
So thats how you can tell when the server is back up, its when that number changes.

It says players are online because it freezes at the last number the player count was at before the server took a shit.

Yea man i hate this… Idk why they are taking so long… i mean i know its alpha and everything but i feel like they arent fixing it right now and i’ve practically waisted a day lol

I know I haven’t wasted day so far. I wanted to come home after a long day at work and play, but to each their own.

This is an issue that was recently introduced. I can keep restarting the servers but they’re bound to go down sooner or later until this issue is fixed. Unfortunately it’s a weekend so most of us programmers are mainly AFK. I hope to have this completely resolved on Monday. Sorry guys and thanks for playing


Thanks for the update :wink:
Looks like we will have to wait :confused:

I put it back up and I’ll check every few hours to see if it’s gone down. Have fun (if you can) :slight_smile:

us only?

same issue on eu, let’s be patient

Thanks Helk :smiley:
But i think the server just died again :wink:

Looks like we aren’t punching pat hard enough.

Thank you for keeping us updated and doing all you can. I, and I’m sure everyone else, appreciate it.