Cant Connect?

I Load the game but it stops at Head 99%
It shows 100%-Mesh.Bake PhysX CollisionData and also Connecting to server001.playrust:8057

Same for me…

Same here…


where are the files located at maybe deleting and re installing?

Same problem, som1 know how fix it?


Waiting, no one can play therefor no one has a fix.

Events log begs to differ, theres >80 people online and they are talking and such, I give up for tonight, it’s 3 AM :frowning:

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Just kidding, it loaded as I was typing that last post. Still done for tonight. Guess you just gotta wait for it to load.

Just found that clearing your cache seems to fix it (for me at least).

Just started working as i type this.

Ok, chances are this is a port issue,
Check your router, and ensure that port 8037, or 8057 is open, just open both of 'em TCP/UDP outbound, it will depend on your setup, but if your behind a secure network, find the port forwarding section, or firewall…
Hope this helps you’s!