Cant connect,

While i was getting raided i fled with 2k metal frags…
Survival by any means was the only thing haunting my mind as i ran and hid between bushes on my way to my second house.
And then it happened in the middle of the dessert…
DISCONNECTED and i cant connect since then (20 minutes ago) servers are online though and there are people playing, anyone else has this problem? :’ (


Dear lord! THEY PROBALLY KILLED ME BY NOW :’ ( and i was so close…

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I’ ve been farming all day… and when im moving all my shit i dc and cant log in ROAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH

what branch of beta are you playing?

You mean server? and i believe you are one of those guys who raided me.

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if only i could log in :frowning:

haha the server can update from like 3 or 4 diff branches :stuck_out_tongue: i dont play rust i just run 2 servers, well until its more playable I will do more than just simple testing…

i play on Amsterdam II but problem is that it shows THERE ARE people online… taking my shit! GOD DAMN

that sucks, can u check your console to see the disconnect message? press F1

Failed to establish connection - no response from remote host