cant connet to any servers

when i tried to connect to a server earlier i got a message saying “disconected: client and server product do not match” i could connect just fine yesterday. how do i fix this?

Maybe Your internet connection is bad or the server is down.

This happened to me about an hour ago, and it was just after I had spent a few minutes on an RP server. I switched servers to a WinterSurvival server and got this same exact message.

I getting same Message, :frowning:
Wonder whats wrong

Just wait until the server operators update their servers.

Servers need update

It’s happening on any server I try to join and I checked my internet connection, it is same as always. I think it’s has to do with the steam servers or something.

UUGH i wanted to play.

You or the Server need to Update

I’m updated and ANY server I attempt to join does this, ever the one I joined a few minutes before this happened. My internet is functioning properly, I legally purchased Garry’s Mod, and it was updating this mourning before I started playing.

Its you or the Server, if its not you tell the Owner to the Server to uptade it,

I know it’s not me Because it happened to my friend and the OP at around, if not the exact same time for all of us and I know it can’t be the server because it happens on EVERY single server I join.

There was a small gmod update today. Wait for servers to update to the newness.

Thank you for being nice and giving us a quick, simple answer unlike Wix, who was saying it was my fault that caused the problem.

I’m sure wix was only trying to explain it as he knew. It was possible that you had not updated because you were playing, but it is unlikley that is the case. Wait till tommorrow and they should (mostly) all be updated. I hope.

Sorry guys, I’m sort of new to this forum posting stuff, and it seems Wix is only slightly older than myself.

im haveing same proplem =(