Can't convert text file into .qc

I have just started getting a model into SMD, but as I’m writing the .qc, it stays as a text file. I even put .qc in the name and it doesn’t convert it. Any way to fix this? I’m so damn close to finishing a model of my own.

Are you on Windows? If so, enable file extensions.

Assuming you’re on Windows, this should be easy for you to follow. When saving the text document (I assume you’re just using Notepad/Notepad++ for this), go to File > Save As, then change the save file type to either ‘All files’ (Notepad) or ‘All types’ (Notepad++). From there, label the file as you would normally, but place .qc at the end for the extension.

choose the All Formats or whatever option when saving in Notepad and then add .qc to the end

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That worked. Thank you, but now I feel silly for making a thread of this when an aweful Google search did nothing. :v:

Edit: Great. Now on the compile page, it doesn’t complete it because “Line 3 is incomplete”. Here is my qc:

$modelname “Transformersdotm/combaticon warrior.mdl”
$cdmaterials “models/Transformersdotm/combaticon warrior”

$surfaceprop “metal”

$sequence idle “combaticon warrior.SMD” fps 1

$collisionmodel “combaticon warrior.SMD”

Don’t put a space in the $cdmaterials path.

You mean the space in “combaticon warrior” in the $cdmaterials path? Alright, take 2.

Edit: Now I get this: ERROR: c:\program files (x86)\steam\steamapps\common\sourcefilmmaker\content\usermod\modelsrc ransformersdotm\combaticon warrior.qc(1): - bad command $modelname"Transformersdotm/combaticon

I’m going to delete my last one since the “couldn’t find the vertices” kept popping up.

When compiling, you usually never want to use spaces when designating the name of the .mdl file to be compiled or when pointing out the path to the materials folder since it can cause problems from time to time. Instead, you’ll want to replace the spaces with underscores. For your .qc, you’ll want to change this:

To this:

You’ll also want to make the appropriate changes to the folder where the textures are going to be stored for the compiled model, just to avoid the classic purple-black checker problem.

I think the textures can be worked on later. I’m following this guide to help me get the model I want into SFM:

When I got the first .mdl file exported, it didn’t show in the viewer and I got a message saying “the model doesn’t have vertices”. Don’t know how to fix that problem.

Edit: this is what I’m getting

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Never mind, got the vertices error fixed. The model is 100% exported. Now all that’s left is to handle the textures. Check back later at my thread for updates on the model: