Can't Crouch Jump

I have been playing deathrun and can’t jump over the huge gaps without crouch jumping. Last time i played the game (less than a month ago) i could crouch jump, but now i can’t please help.

Try running -jump in console?

i don’t know what you mean by that i only know the basic stuff for gmod

Watch this youtube video:
Then while your in a singleplayer or multiplayer game, click the key that you assigned it to and you’ll see the console, then type in (without the quotes) “-jump”, use the minus symbol next to the 0 key, because I’m not sure if the one next to the * key will work.

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Oh yeah and make sure to press enter if you didn’t realize you had to do that already.

nope didn’t work

Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\ and rename GarrysMod to GarrysMod_old and then reinstall the game.