can't decompile map

someone uploaded this
im so interested how to decompile it

why do you want to decompile it?

There’s decompilation protection on the map. I believe there is a way to navigate around the restriction, but I’ve heard that it takes a very long time to do so…

There’s a way to navigate around the restriction.

However, I won’t tell you. We don’t need any edits.

Only cool people are allowed the ‘Special’ vmex :stuck_out_tongue:

what do you mean by edits
i need to decompile this map only to troll

That really doesn’t make me want to help you here.

why? i don’t want to release this to public, shit like that. i just want to show them that i can launch this map

Sorry, no dice.
if the decompiling is for anything but learning it is frowned upon

Sheesh, at least try to decompile a GOOD map next time.



i dont care lol

Nobody is going to tell you.

Then we don’t care to help you…

I have a copy of hacked vmex pm me me for a agreement.

Yeah. Your shitty VMEX. Only cool people are allowed the special version of vmex.

I am kool.

decompiling maps is generally a bad idea since there’s sometimes issues with the decimal precision which end up with “micro spaces” being made between brushes which can sometimes make it take forever to re-compile.

You’re better off just copying small elements of maps you decompile, then check the brushwork for any tiny gaps or flaws.

And yeah, it’s not hard to edit VMEX to ignore the ~special cool kidz map protection~ faggotry.

How about you don’t do SHIT with decompiled maps except learn from them?

let me explain, i dont need that map i only need to get it working (to capture screenshots then have some fun)

also why do you people care about map? its just wireconstruct with some new things