Can't decompile model

I’m using cannfodder’s decompiler and it worked in 99% of cases. So I downloaded some CoD4 weapon ports and wanted to decompile them and I got following error shown on picture bellow. I also tried checking and unchecking those options like dump old unweighted smds, don’t fix rotations on animations and nothing.

Can’t help you if we don’t know what version of the compiler they’re for (ep1/orangebox)

Orangebox models have issues, the least of which is a formatting issue with the fifth character of the .mdl file (which should be changed to a comma.) Can’t think of anything else, I’m having trouble with decompiling myself.

Well, this decompiler always worked, except for CoD4 weapon ports and wanted to decompile and do something on them. I get that error shown on SS for all of those weaps. CSS, TF, DoD and all that decompiles great with this decompiler.

Try doing as he said and change the 5th character of the mdl to a comma in hex editor. I had to do this when decompiling l4d models.

Nope, that doesn’t help :frowning:

I don’t think the decompiler can decompile models that have .smds with unknown symbols in their name.

I also thing it only decompile english .smds.

I expected to hear that. I must be that. Thanks for answer :wink: