Can't decompile my old project

Straight to the point.
Recently I’ve tried to decompile my map, because I no longer have vmf of it, but when I tried doing so, vmex outputs: **** This map is protected from decompiling
and I don’t remember putting any security onto it.
Is there a way to evade that security ?
If you guys know how to, but don’t want to share this info with me then I am linking the bsp file below:

Thanks in advance!

use bspsrc

I’m pretty sure this gets around any if not most security features.

Thanks, that helped!

Decompiling a map usually causes issues though.

Sometimes it cannot be avoided if an old VMF you’ve made will no longer open or if you’ve lost it and the only format of the map is the BSP. Errors are easily fixable.

Now Goldsrc maps on the other hand…