Can't delete addons

I accidentally downloaded this addon which made GMod unplayable (the Kermites sweps addon) and so I tried to delete my addons (by deleting the garrysmod/garrysmod folder)

10 minutes later a window pops up that reads “Folder Access Denied: You need permission to preform this action. You require permission from Roman-PC/Roman to make changes to this folder”

I tried again, same result. I tried at least 12 more times, the same result each time.

So basically I can never play GMod again?

From what it seems, it’s just a “User is not an admin” problem, so just login as admin.

and how do i do that

I just remembered, this is a bug seen in Vista, just go into the folder, delete everything in there, then go into the folder that did not delete and repeat intill its all deleted. When done, just delete the empty addon file.

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Logout, then login as admin, unless you are the admin. Seems useless now.

this is my only user on this computer

how am I not already the admin

Forget the last statement and use the suggestion I posted.

i dont have vista

i have windows 7

Well, stop wasting time and do what I suggested…

Windows vista is nearly same as Windows 7.

No it’s not.

Have you tried to verify the game cache? Also seems like the administrator issue as the other guy said.

Let’s see what’s different, compatibility has been improved background and task bar is different just tiny improvements have been made… I said NEARLY the same i can go on the Microsoft and it would show me the same options to do on vista or windows 7 like this one i’m showing Roman.

Go on properties ----> Security ----> Click your username ----> Edit permissions ----> Tick full control.

Then try deleting the file oh and you can do this if you’ve Vista and Windows 7.

okay i did exactly what you said and now this pops up when i go to play GMod

“SteamStartup() failed: SteamStartup(0xf,0x0037E300) failed with error 1: failed to take master pipe connection lock”

Restart your computer, that should fix it.