Cant delete players?!

Hey Facepunch,
So, I have this CWRP server. For Commanders and other lore the names are the same. (ex: The GM Commander would always be GM CDR Bacara)
My problem is that I have a player who left and stopped talking to me, and I never had a chance to change their name. I am trying to replace them, but I cant figure out where to delete the player data so someone else can take the name GM CDR Bacara.

What do I do? I have no way to contact this specific person.

Where do you store the data (flatfile, sv.db/pdata, MySQL database)?

Thats my problem. I cant figure out which one I am using. I dont have a MySQL database cause I cant figure it out… But idk what to do.
Please help. I looked through my files for 3 hours today, and 4 hours yesterday.

Try opening up sv.db with a database program and searching for the name you want.

I am very sorry for this but where do I find sv.db? I looked in the data folder, gamemode folder and Addons folders and to no avail.

In your garrysmod folder.

If I setup MySQL will everything transfer from that sv.db to the MySQL?

No, but you can do it manually with a few query commands.

I tried deleting all player data from that, and it didnt work. I deleted both playerdata and playerinformation and it wasnt just the one person, I deleted everyone. Idk what to do and I am becoming more and more frustrated as it goes on.

Try removing your data folder - just copy it outside of the main directory so you don’t delete any unintended info.

Removed the data folder, and it removed all data EXCEPT player names and things of that sort.

I don’t really know where else it could be kept then.

If you have a MySQL server that you have configured CWRP to use, then try finding it in there.

He already said he doesn’t have MySQL