Cant disable playername on aim?

Hello everyone,

i have tried to add the following hook to the server side and client side in autorun and it doesn’t seem to like it.

function GM:HUDDrawTargetID()
return false

It gives me the lua error “GM is a nil value” and when i change the GM to GAMEMODE it also says that “GAMEMODE is a nil value”.

Can i have some help please? this is driving me insane haha.

(Assuming) You aren’t writing a gamemode so don’t use GM/GAMEMODE. Use hook.Add

[lua]hook.Add(“HUDDrawTargetID”, “your_unique_hook_name”, function()
return true --return anything to not run the default HUDDrawTargetID hook

It also won’t do anything serverside, HUDDrawTargetID is clientside only.