cant do custom derma inside player classes

It’s a bit confusing but I’ll lay out the situation.

I’m currently building a gamemide using player classes in a subfolder (gamemode/player_class)

I have a bit if derma in those classes for gui, and I want to use some custom derma classes I’ve defined inside gamemode/cl_derma

The first problem I struck is for some reason you can’t include up a folder, which is retarded, so I moved my cl_derma into the player class folder but it still refuses to work despite including files from the same directory.

Basically I want to know if there’s a n easy solution or will I need to move all my gui out of my player classes and into the gamemode? Because that’s gonna suck ads

Solution: Don’t make guis in player class files, use a separate file for it.

I would have done that to begin with but the derma uses 20+ variables from the class itself, which I’m reluctant to cart around because there’s no real easy ways to send it where it needs to go either.

You do realize you can access the player class outside of that file?

Anyway, you can specify full path to your Lua file to include, starting with your gamemode folder name. Make sure all files are AddCSLuaFile’d.