Can't Download Any addons on Steamworkshop Downloader

Please Someone Help Me…
when i’m clicking Download button on
It’s not downloading any addons :frowning:

Here Some Shot :

(User was permabanned for this post ("Pirated GMod" - Robotboy655))

Why are you using Steamworkshop Downloader?
It seems fishy.

Do you got Garry’s Mod?

I got te GMod From My Friends

This topic is so relevant to a development section regarding Garry’s Mod.

Then use workshop if you got the original Garry’s Mod?
Where is the problems with using Workshop to download addons?

Are you unable to shade polygon normals?

He clearly shows that his friend gave him a gmod, wich he is showing that is a non official gmod.
That why he had all those errors till now wich he needed help.

“Legit”. I think it will end here.