Can't Download Any Server Content?

Whenever I join a server with fastDL content it quickly cycles through the content as if it’s downloading it and joins but the content never downloads, so when I rejoin it appears to download again. If I don’t already have a map then it just says missing map. I also checked that this isn’t a server issue as my friend downloads everything correctly.

I just realized as well that every single server I join I cannot see their custom loading screen. It’s just black.

Some fixed I tried:

Verifying Cache
Reinstalling via steam.
Deleting all of Gmod and re downloading.
Check option in settings
Checked config commands
Disabling anti virus and firewall

I really can’t think of anything else… this has never happened before to me. I would appreciate any help.


Hello, I may have a fix for this, go to options, mutiplayer, and change your settings to “Allow any content”, options will be there when gmod starts up.

I said I checked settings already. I’ve done that.

If it zooms through all of the content fast like it’s downloading but not then you probably didn’t configure fast download correctly.

in your server.cfg it should look something like this:
sv_downloadurl “

And within that “GarrysModXXServer” root should be the folders, Maps, Materials, Models, etc.

He’s not talking about his own server. He’s talking about dling from other servers

I should add is that strangely I cannot see loading screens for servers either. I have enabled custom content

Derp, my bad. Misread.

Unless this has changed, *which I’m almost certain it hasn’t" open up Internet Explorer and see if it works.

I tried this. Internet explorer works fine I still can’t figure out why this is happening. It was fine a few weeks ago. My main concern is that I cannot see any loading screens when joining either, I feel like that is directly linked to this.

Check to see if your internet explorer is in offline mode, then disable all your garrys mod addons and restart garrys mod.

btw IE: Tools, WorkOffline.
If you see that it should be fine.

It’s not in offline mode and I can browse the internet fine with it…

This sounds like a server side issue. The server you are trying to connect to does not have their fast DL set up correctly.

It’s not the server, I join any other server and I get the same issue where I cannot see loading screen and nothing downloads correctly.

What anti viruses/firewalls do you have? It could also be that your Garry’s Mod folder is set to “Read-only”

I’ve been running Comodo for the last year perfectly fine with Gmod. I installed MalwareBytes too recently but I completely exited those and tried joining a server to no avail.

I’ve heard of problems with Malwarebytes and Garry’s Mod, I’d recommend trying uninstalling Malwarebytes as I think shutting it off still has services running in the background

Did you disable your firewall? Could have been an update.

Also garrys mod is in
Now, instead of “steamapps/username/garrysmod”

If you removed the one from your user then you haven’t fully uninstalled it.

After that restart your PC. If that doesn’t work it’s possible that you have a proxy setup in IE or some form of malware is screwing things up, Run a full scam with your MBam to make sure.

EDIT: As far as MBam issues with Gmod I haven’t had any. It does block a butload of IPs, and possible could be blocking some fastdl’s but none I’ve ran into. If you have MBam Pro you can disable website protection and it will stop blocking IPs. But I’m sure it’s unlikely that this is the cause.

I uninstalled it and shut down the services, the issue is still there…