Can't download anything!

When I click on the thing i want to download it says you need to log in, i log in and go back to download it again but it keeps saying you need to be logged in! Any ideas?

You need a Steam account with Gmod and another source game so you can play it.

So, let’s say you use pirated Gmod… There are 2 solutions:

Solution 1: Continue using pirated gmod, not having acess to addons and sometimes be raped by Gman…


Solution 2: Buy Gmod, it’s easy:
1: Download Steam and install it
2: Register on Steam
3: Log in on Steam
4: Buy Gmod

There you go, it was easy right?

And its cheap lol. Except if you buy a combo, with other games.

Wow guys i have gmod and orange box with half-life 2.

So i don’t know what is wrong. Because when i click your steam account link it says that it doesn’t exists…

It’s the fact that Soap is a pirate and obviously can’t make a direct link to his steam account because he doesn’t want people to figure out that he’s a pirate.

Before accusing him of that, why don’t you ask him to link it?
Can you give us the link to your steam profile? If you do own Gmod it could indicate a problem with your profile or something, because nobody else I know of have had this problem. The long and skinny of it is that there’s no way to cheat the system if you’re a pirate but you can always open a support ticket or post here if something’s legitimately broken.

But it’s obvious. He says he’s logged on, but can’t download. That’s impossible.

He’s probably doing something stupid.

Don’t jump to conclusions.

For all those “believers” that think i’m a pirate here is a link to my steam account soapface.

Then you’re just computer retarded

The link on your facepunch profile doesn’t work and tha’s why i though you where pirate…

He probably doesn’t have cookies enabled so when he’s reloading it isn’t remembering that he logged in or something.