Can't download FastDL files

Hey guys,

recently I’ve been facing an issue with joining servers that are using FastDL, I am greeted with this error every single time
HTTP ERROR downloading

If you navigate to that URL in your browser it works fine which is leading me to believing that it’s only my PC with this issue, I have tried a number of servers and the downloads fail on all of them. IP for the server is if you want to try it yourself.

Things done:

  • Firewall off
  • Windows Defender off
  • IE Security settings disabled
  • Garry’s mod properties set
  • Clean install of Garry’s mod

I’m starting to run out of ideas but hopefully someone can help!

Hes using Windows 10 but he’s really scared to add it to the OP and he want’s the thread to be bumped
What a little sneky snek ayy lmao

What to heck???

Are you actually using Windows 10 preview ?

Yes he is.

Does it download on other servers with the same map?

I am, but it was also happening when I was on windows 8.1

/facepalm/ I used the quotes because I wanted to ask him, But I assume you helped him privately and found out.

Anyway most or all Source games are broken in the tech preview as reported by someone but nobody is going to fix a bug in a tech release roll back to Windows 8 or whatever you were using I hope you created a new partition to test the preview otherwise a backup would have been nice if it’s you main machine.

el oh el

Source? The issue was happening on Windows 8.1 too though, I don’t mind rolling back because all my content are on other drives.

Your FastDL mirror is completely misconfigured to start with. The maps should download correctly though, but once you’ve properly setup your FastDL, check your console if you have issues downloading anything else. But before we can help you, setup your FastDL properly.

Please elaborate on how it is misconfigured

The only folders that should be here is:

So basically, you move /fastdl/garrysmod/addons/KMapVote-Poseidon/materials/ to /fastdl/garrysmod/materials/ for each single addon you have.

TCAdmin fastdl sync is responsible for that although server managers put files they want correctly, regardless this doesn’t help solve my issue as it happens on every server with FastDL


Did you redo the fastdl? The tutorial was listed by Svenskunganka, the maker of that website.

It might take a little while to do, but doing a fastdl is better than taking forever to download everything.

Theres no point, he said the issue occurs on ANY server he joins, be it his own or one owned by someone else :slight_smile:

Honestly just wipe Gmod/Steam and start again friend :wink:

I did re-install GMOD, whatever though I don’t care enough to revert back to windows 8.1

Reinstall everything, the whole kaboodle noodle! (e.g. steam)

NBN lafs m8