Can't Download Files From Nexus-Type Servers

What I mean by Nexus-Type is scripts like Nexus, Blueprint, Blueprint2 and those. Includes Devinity, not quite in the same way, but it’s the same problem.

I’ve tried every fix I can think of, and I’m unhindered when connecting to a sandbox server. So far, Nexus, Blueprint 2, and Devinity have completely locked up my download process, and I can’t think of any reason why. I’m completed trace routes to the servers, I’ve reinstalled my game ENTIRELY (deleted all my garrysmod folders and deleted local content, I could only go further by uninstalling HL2), and I can’t think of anything else to do.

This seems to be a GMod bug, I can’t think of anything else that could cause this other than major server problems. Can anyone help?

It might be related to the Vector/Angle update, since everyone used these improperly

A method in Lua is preventing me from downloading any form of custom files from a server. Wow, that’s one hell of an update.

Cakescript still works :ohdear:

Ok, now this is getting to be very very annoying.

My GMod download speeds are dropping below 1 KB/S UNIVERSALLY! Meaning, my download speeds drop across all servers, even sandbox now! I’d have to wait months to join one server. How is GMod capping my download speed and upload speed, and how do I remove this limitation?