Can't download Gmod

Whenever I try to download Gary’s mod a notification comes up saying that “the servers are to busy” but the thing has said it for two days. Also, I played it earlier today without downloading it, but now it say that its validating steam files, it finishes to 100%, then it brings up the error message about the servers. Please can someone help, I’m dying to play.

PS: I’ve used the tech support on Steam but I couldn’t find anything of use. Also, I don’t think this matters but I’m using a mac.

Do you happen to wear a eyepatch, have a wooden leg etc?

(Link us to your proper steam page.)

Also go to steam settings > downloading > set a proper location (By default mine was china :|)

Arrr! I smell Pirate

He’s not a pirate. Christ, guys.

You only own GMod and L4D2. You need one of these games for it to work. (Except L4D and L4D2, which will not work at all.)

No, I finally got it to work, I deleted steam and then I tried to play it and it worked (don’t ask me how, but it did.)
Also, you can use the Left 4 Dead series, heres the link for the games required and Left 4 Dead 2 (which is what I got) is at the top of the list for the games you can use.

delete clientregistry.blob [Clocks!]