Can't download Halo 2 Weapons + map pack

I really want to download this pack, but the site wont let me. It keeps saying “HTTP 403 Forbidden” and it doesnt let me download. I can download any other files, but this is the only on I am unable to download. Whats wrong?

Yeah i had the same problem…I hope it gets fixed soon.

i hope they fix it too.

Its broke? E-Mail/PM the author to reupload.

the only way to contact him is by his group. The group doesn’t exist because it says “No group could be retrieved for the given URL.”

Well, you’ve got no chance of getting it then.

Yeah i wish he at least left his Face Punch user, but we will never know if he ever had one. I hoped this pack had a plasma (sticky) grenade in it :’(

i cant download too!!!