Can't download SHIT from HELP FOOOLLS!

Tried download button, tried finding different ways, but I can’t seem to download ANY files from

It’s not my network ether. I’ve tried using 3 different networks. WHAT THE FUNK.

Help or something. If I can’t use, where the hell else can I download gmod files?


Sam (FuzzieWuzzieWuzzASpazz?!)

Maybe if you owned GMod you could log in and download your feces.

Buy it first.

This guy doesn’t even have a steam account.

Helps if you own gmod

This may be the link to his steam profile

First thing’s first… If you want people to help - you need to be more polite. You can’t just post for help in a rude thread and expect everyone to come here and help you with your problems.

About your problem: For what you have posted I cannot exactly make out your problem in words. There could be many causes for this(That I can think of at the moment). Where you’re located in the world(Had this issue awhile back when pages timed out.); You do not legally own a copy of the game(s) so your account wasn’t linked; is being slow due to the amount of people uploading and downloading files; Or you haven’t linked your account to

Ok well I totally own the mod. And all the Souce bases (HL2, Team Fortress 2, other junk…) And they’re all legal. It’s just when I press the DOWNLOAD button on any add-ons for gmod, it doesn’t do ANYTHING. Nada. I’ve owned GMod for a good 3 years, and I’m no amateur at this, I used to have tons of addons for it, but I had to re-download it because my hard drive was soo fragmented. And sorry if I soundd rude. just a tad ticked.

It’s most likely a bandwidth issue/ website problem. I’ve had this issue a few years ago when I’d click download and it just sits there for 5 minutes before redirecting me to a page that said something like “Page could not be displayed.”

Have you tried a different browser besides internet explorer? Google chrome, FireFox? IE is known to have issues like this.