Can't enable Anti-Aliasing >:C

The ONLY option is “None”. I can still run the game on highest possible settings, most of it on High (Texture Detail on “Very High” and Shadow Detail on “Medium” - can’t go higher on shadows apparantly (No more options))

But I can’t set AA to anything else then “None” :frowning:
Why could this be?


Intel Atom N270 @ 1.6GHz; 1.6GHz (Dual core?)
0.98GB RAM (980MB?)
Integrated Graphics Device (Probably Intel too. Defintely NOT nVidia or ATI <.<)

I have no idea about GPU or such, but those are what I believe is necessary to know?
To find the other specs, you can otherwise just google “Packard Bell .DOT netbook specs”.

Get a new GPU.


And a new CPU


And some more RAM

GPU’s an Intel GMA 945.
Good luck upgrading that netbook.

DAT ORANGE but anyways i can’t run shadow even on medium.
but i can run textures and what not on high

I don’t feel like upgrading.
I’m thinking of buying a new PC :slight_smile: