Can't Enter the Server [iMac User]

hello guys :slight_smile:
i just bought rust, and when i will enter the server i can’t enter to the server :frowning:
try another server and the result same :frowning:
can you help me guys?
thanks :slight_smile:

Hi, Welcome to rust I hope we can get your problem solved soon, What errors are you getting?

can’t enter the server :), after i can enter the server i just stuck in there :expressionless:

I’m having a little trouble understanding the problem could you be a little more clear, what do you mean by ‘stuck’

asdw doesn’t move your character? aiming doesnt work?

seem’s not responding

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problem fixed :smiley:
i just try to enter the server and then the problem was fixed :smiley:
thanks for see my post :smiley: