Can't even get on a multiplayer server, banned.

Well, I have a really big problem for me.

Garry released a update for garrysmod 13 with UPT 1500 players. I got confused that when I tried joining my favorite server it said “globally banned for cheating (CheatEngine)” I emailed garry about this but he never responded yet. I am SURE that I didn’t cheat or modify garrysmod, it must have detected cheat engine from the 10 month period while I had it on my computer. I am really trying to get contact about this. I really want to play on servers with my friends now.

The only reason you would be banned for CheatEngine is if you had it running while playing gmod and (maybe) modifying the memory.

No, neither of them. I did say in the e-mail I was using it for singleplayer as a coding experiment
EDIT : There could have been a chance where cheat engine was closed but its process was running.

I don’t think garry will unban you if you used it “in singleplayer as a coding experiment”. I would assume he would only do it for false positives or something along the lines.

When I mean singleplayer I mean another game, it’s a mistake I can’t really modify. It was what I said in the email.

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Bumped, really need help with this one like BADLY

There’s nothing you can do but email Garry or get a new account.

please help me… no tears for me, just dreams…