Can't Even Play?

I’ve bought Garry’s Mod awhile ago and never decided to play it, recently I wanted to get into it but I cannot. Whenever I try to join a server it gets stuck at 2 bars at “connecting to server” and then gives me the error the says connection failed after 4 retries. I cannot join any multiplayer server. I have tried verifying, reinstalls, and nothing will work at all.

Help pls

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bump. Please guys I really want to play but am unable to.

Have you tried allowing your garry’s mod through your firewall properly?

The only firewall I have is the built in one with Win 7. How would I allow it through? I could give it a go.

Allowed it through home network and public, still didn’t help.

Try running the game as admin if you aren’t already. But I need to go to work so someone else have to cover this if it doesnt work

Already do.

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Also, I know I am not the only one with this problem. I have seen numerous posts on other forums about this and have yet to find a solution. If I cannot find one here I would be very upset I wasted my money on a game I can’t play.

Any other source games have this issue? Try it with the tf2, see if you have that same connection issue