Cant even start GMod..

Hey guys…
recently I bought gmod…
after I downloaded it, I started it. Everything worked fine.
I shutted my pc down and went to bed, then I tried to launch gmod to play TTT, but it didnt started. I just got the steam message ‘gmod is starting’ and friends can see that im ‘playing’ garrys mod, but it doesnt open an application and Im still in steam. Now, if I want to click again on ‘Play’ it says, there is an instance running. In taskmanager is hl2.exe and I have to close it, to have the same error as before when I launch…
Can anyone helps me? I dont want to waste my f*cking money for this shit!


try right clicking the game in steam, then click properties, then click set launch options and type -autoconfig. Launch the game and see if it actually starts.

That doesn’t seem to work for me, I tried everything and still, it keeps on bullcraping me

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well, doesnt works for me either. And I forgot to say, that I reinstalled steam and gmod twice.

delete the garrysmod folder in GarrysMod, which you can find through Program Files -> Steam -> steamapps -> common

Launch the game after deleting the folder and say if it works after. It’s likely that one of the important files might’ve been corrupted, it hasn’t installed properly or it’s missing. Once you delete the folder, it should generate new files once you launch the game so don’t worry about it being lost forever making GMod unplayable.

thats the same as I reinstall it

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Oh it works now, thank you!