Can't export VTF on Photoshop

When I try to export my skin as a .vtf I get

“Can’t export CustomSkin001.vtf because therey is not enough memory (RAM)”

I don’t get it. I have every single program closed, and I’ve done it before. Do I have to flatten the image? I forget how, if so… But why does it do this? Its not a disk space issue, the file is really small, and I have like 100GB free, so why…?

Thanks :smiley:

Restart PC. that sometimes to me happened when I had under 2 gb of ram.
ALso make sure you have firefox and 3ds max closed if 1 of those is open. In process list check for firefox, Firefox is sneaky, it can sometimes leave process behind.

I don’t have Firefox or 3DS Max, but I’ll try again.