Can't facepose with TF2 content

I can’t facepose any tf2 models. Is there a fix for this anywhere?

Nope, everyone has this bug/problem. You can make some seriously funny comics with it though! :smiley:

I can facepose them, the circles just don’t appear.
Learn about what your saying before you post.

No, the heads go all crazy!

FYI: It’s to use an image.

Yes, it’s a glitch if you have too many things set to max.

It’s scary as shit,too.

I think it’s funny.

Don’t move the slider all the way to the right

Isn’t that the point most times?

Ok, the model-quality needs to be set up to medium before you can facepose TF2-char’s.
Probably,most of you knew that

You can’t face pose the engie at all though.

you can, the circle just doesn’t appear.

You can’t, the face posing is borken. Taunt as him in TF2 and look at his mouth.


Huh. Mine must be borken then.

Yeah mine too