Can't find a certain SENT I saw on youtube a long time ago

I can’t find the video anymore or the SENT anywhere so I’m hoping my explanation will be enough.
It was a video which showed a shipping container being spawned yet the inside of the shipping container was larger than the outside. So I could walk in the shipping container and it’d be a large room yet the container itself wasn’t any bigger. You could also turn the shipping container so it was on its side and if you put something in it, instead of it falling down, it fell sideways as if the gravity for the container rotated with the container.
I have no clue how else to explain it so I’m hoping one of you guys knows what im talking about and where to find it.

Kinda farfetched, but I’ll give it a shot. Maybe the Gravity Hull Designator?

Wait, like a portable room of some sort?

Similar concept except it doesn’t have the “expanding room” portion of it.

And yes I kind of mean like a portable room. I’m almost positive it was a shipping container in the video but not 100% sure. But in the video he could spawn stuff in the room and when the “room” was moved so was the stuff inside.

Think of a Tardis.

I remember this too, but I don’t think that it was ever released to the public due to it being in “pre-alpha” and abandoned before it was really useful. I could be wrong though

This? As far I know it was never fully released, but I think I remember playing around with something like it a bit.

OMG you found it! That;s too bad it was never released as it is a pretty cool concept. I have no clue how anything like that would even be accomplished!

Overv has his own version that he released somewhere on a post.