Can't find a download for SpaceBuild 2.1

I cant find SpaceBuild 2.1 (Fixed spawn) . I didnt like SpaceBuild3 becouse i cant connect ZPM or other new devices . Who can give me link please . Sorry For my English im Ukranian

The only way you can get the old Spacebuild 2 stuff now is via SVN repositorys
Using TortoiseSVN

List of SVN Addons can be found here

(read the note about the one SVN being ZIP and needs to be Unzipped)

Little note: if you got Life Support 2 and SpaceBuild 3 then you can use the Stargate Stuff with the SpaceBuild 3 stuff however keep in mind SpaceBuild 3 breaks most of the key Life Support 2 stuff

5 Words.

What do you mean “Don’t Work”?

With “Don’t Work” I mean You download them put them on folders, and there are no props. Only the addon.

The SVN links 404. Also would like SB2, 3 is bloated and has too many (broken) features.