Can't find a server?

Hi all,
i am a new player. I used to play on a single server, accessing it from the “histoy” tab in the lobby. Today
i found out that this server is not listed anymore, and ive no clues how to find it. Would be really sad to
start over in a new server, so there’s something i can do to find out if it’s just offline, it has closed, it just
disappeared from my history list, etc?

Thanks for answering :wink:

Wait and see if it comes back.

If it doesn’t after days, it’s gone.

You’re in an alpha. Starting over is going to be something you do a number of times, so you should get used to it now. Wipes and resets and technical problems are going to be a fact of life for a while.

What you mean “it’s gone”? It’s gone from my history list or it’s dead?

The latter.

You can also hit F1 and bring up the console and then click the little refresh arrow. This will revert to your last server that you logged onto , and if it’s still there you should be able to get on :smiley:

type net.reconnect in the console. It connects to the last server.