Can't find a (working) Pheonix mod download

I have been searching. I found a thread that had the official link but it was broken. Any help? Also hello to the community.

This is PHX2. Older version, but this one should work:

I’m guessing that you tried these PHX3 packs already, since you wrote this:

These are just the more popular searches on that website. If these don’t work, then look at the less popular searches.
P.S. Look at the size of the files. PHX is gonna be between 140 and 200 MB. I’m sure you know this.

actually no i was under the impression from a anonymous source that v.3 was fake. ty.

If you want the official download you will have to go through the legnthy (at first time) process of downloading it via SVN. It does take a while but at least you don’t have to put up with constant errors on multiplayer servers.

If you don’t want to use an SVN client, you can use this direct download, which is updated from the SVN:

Thanks, I needed that too, as SVN errors when downloading…