Can't find ANY steam games?

ok. So this is my brother’s old computer I have (it’s newer than mine though) I install steam and all the games. But I can’t find the games folders. I goto: Program files>steam>steammaps and it ends there.

There’s a bunch of GCF files and an empty folder called source mods but nothing else. Is it because I made my steam acount on the other computer or something? I know all the game files would be stored in a folder called my acount name in steammaps but that isn’t there, why?

I really need some help on this as it’s quite annoying as I can’t install any addons on this new computer. Thinking about it, maybe I need to start a game? I’ll see.


ok, sorted just need to start up each game to make them appear. Annoying thing is I can’t delete this thread =/

PM any mod in the Gmod section and ask to lock this thread.

You can see the Gmod moderators by going to Garry’s Mod Discussion, going down and clicking any of the green names.