Can't Find Any Zombie Onslaught Maps

hi, i host a fretta server and zombie onslaught is one of the most played gamemodes on the server. right now i only have 4 zo_ maps. i tried edited the info.lua to accept zs_ maps but the zombies wouldent spawn right in those maps. if there is a way to play zs_ maps with zombie onslaught then great but if its not poossable then please, if you know were, post a link to some zombie onslaught maps! Thank You!

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Check out Agent Cobra, he has some zombie onslaught maps

can you possable give me a link? thank you for your help tho(also is that steam name or facepunch name?)


link to maps? ty, i will try to contact him but a link would be great!

I wouldn’t say that they are zombie onslaughts, but the first 15 minutes of them are zombies! :biggrin:

ya i just noticed that, there just maps that spawn zombies(whitch is what you need for ZO) but i was looking for a real zo_ map, please, people are asking for more zo_ maps and i cant find any!


ill try them right now on the server if you wanna join


do you think you could make a zo_ map for me? anyways, if you get a friend request from (MG) Tyler thats me and i would like to talk anyways.