Can't find anything ?!

Hey, I haven’t been on rust for a long time and iv’e got back to this new patch and i can’t find anything that lives?
Not one AI not one other player and i’m talking about the big servers i ran around for 1 hour and nothing.

I feel like you’ve deleted the risky PvP side of the game and just made it a first person Sims where you just smash trees & rocks
to make the biggest tower around. And that’s quite easy because there is no one around ever. Or this could just be me having bad luck
but it is still strange.

Bad luck. play on servers with 50+ players and it wont take long before your are sodomized

i think your just looking at the wrong direction. You gotta explore more, by explore i mean EXPLORE. I see players left and right. Its not long until i saw some animals and resources. In conclusion, keep on walking.

i’m starting to think reducing the size of the maps would be better for more gameplay too, but the animal balance will have to be sorted out for that, otherwise the map will be too hostile to get started.

currently i find that all the forest areas are hostile, since that’s where animals are for food and cloth. on a busy server, its very hard to get a bag down because the forest biome is maybe a fifth of the usable land mass, and seems to be the only place animals will spawn anyway.

don’t get me wrong, i love the landscapes, and don’t feel a huge urge to be rocked to death every few minutes, but it’s amazingly hard to get settled as a solo right now; that or deadly quiet.