Can't find certain weapon packs.

The ones made by kermite that is.

Because the only links i found were broken, dead, or removed by the uploader.

So any help would be much apreciated! :biggrin:

Also this isn’t against the rules of this forum right? Because my other thread got locked asking exactly the same thing. could be because it was posted in the wrong section And if it was, please move the thread next time, mods, or at least point me in the right way instead of just locking the thread and call it a day.

Anyway new here, so don’t know the way things work arround here, yet.

I don’t know why, but sometimes when you download stuff it doesn’t appear in-game.

Well i can’t seem to find downloads for Kermite’s weapon packs. So no wonder they won’t apear in-game…
Also all links seem to be dead, or deleted.
And i also heard Kermite was banned? Might be wrong about that though.

Also since when are questions dumb? Is it because i’m new arround here? Yees…

You were probably rated dumb because you posted this in the wrong section. I believe you’re looking for

Yeah i posted a thread there before, and it got locked.
Odd, mods just close the thread. I will just look over the internets again, this isn’t really helping.