Can't Find Custom Models

I’m making a map and, for this part, I feel like a retard because I can’t find any custom model packs for lush plants and trees.

Can anyone direct me to a site that may have packs like these?

Trees and plants are hard to come by, but there’s this foliage pack:

Additionally, CSS has some stuff.

If you need big tropical flowers, though, I’m afraid I can’t help; I need the same thing.

lol thanks a bunch, thats exactly what I needed.
Hope you find your flowers!

Also, If I were to make a map with these, how would I import them?

I’m assuming you’re mapping for episode 2. Hopefully this makes sense:

All the folders under ‘models’ should go in ‘ep2/models/’. The materials need to go in the models section of your materials folder.

So, for example, I think some of the models in that pack are in a ‘cherokemodels’ folder, and the filepaths would look like this:


well, Im mapping on portal, but I think that will work one sec…


I cant find where the ep2/models is.

From the .zip, the models and materials folder should be extracted to “…\Steam\steamapps<username>\portal\portal”.

Thanks guys, it helped.