- can't find eyeball texture "eyeball_r" on model [ERROR]

Once again, I am trying to work with models, and this time, I wanted to turn a player model into an npc! I got the qc, and added the animations.
But when I compile the model, I get this error

- can't find eyeball texture "eyeball_r" on model [ERROR]

And in the .qc, I have this

     eyeball righteye ValveBiped.Bip01_Head1 -1.300 -3.300 65.300 eyeball_r 1.000  4.000 MYMODEL_rev2_head 0.600
     eyeball lefteye ValveBiped.Bip01_Head1 1.300 -3.300 65.300 eyeball_l 1.000  -4.000 MYMODEL_rev2_head 0.600

^^^Does not actually say MYMODEL, I used that to block what I was using.

I’ve researched and others seem to have had this problem before, but the ways they solve it are extremely difficult to follow.
Please give me alot of detail, such as where to find the eyeball texture, how to apply it, do I over write?
I have model editers, vtf edit and all that good stuff, so please help me, I’ve had this idea since the summer brake, and want to start.

I have removed those to interfering lines, but then the model renders with pink eyes.

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Once again, you missed modelling forum. The error is pretty much self explanatory, it can’t find the eyeball_r texture.

Ah, I’m really sorry, didn’t see that forum, and promise to post there next time I need anything.
But while we are here, do you have any idea where to find this texture>

["]You could’ve at least googled your error:](http://www.google.ru/search?q=-+can’t+find+eyeball+texture+“eyeball_r”+on+model+[ERROR)