Can't find files?

Alright I’ve been having this problem for a bit and it’s making me a big angry.
I’ve tried a lot of things and none of that seemed to help.

I’ve been getting this in my console screen when I run my code.

[AddCSLuaFile] Couldn't find 'effects/_temp/init.lua' (<nowhere>)
Nav File is wrong or something (4)

I have no idea what is causing this. I have tried making an effects/_temp/init.lua folder pathway (init.lua being a file, not a folder) in my main garrysmod folder with the addons and everything and in my gamemode folder and none of that seemed to work.

Also can this cause models and weapons not to load because I’ve been having that problem and I’m not sure if the 2 are related or not. Thanks.

Are you using a SRCDS server or is this error occurring in your client?

No, i’m running it in single player.