Cant find L4D stuff.

I got L4D a little while ago, played it a bit, and was wondering if any of you knew why when I play Garrys mod (11 of course) that I cant find any props, ragdolls or anything. I clicked the botton on the main menu saying Gmod Options, and it asked for which ‘mounts to depot’. Of course HL2 was ricked, and so was TF2. I thought I would have to tick Left 4 Dead, which isn’t in the list. Any help?

There is a possibility to import L4D stuff to GMod manually, google it because I don’t know anything about it

L4D can’t be mounted in gmod.

this is why we need to make stickies required reading before posting.

It has been explained many times that L4D has different model types then the other Source games. Because of this, they can’t easily be imported (without reworking the build of the Source Engine the GMod uses).

(I know there isn’t a sticky explaining this. But my idea is make one with common questions, and make it required reading before posting)

Here comes the dumb onslaughts.