Can't find models folder

I just got a new PC with Windows 7, and previously used a PC with Windows XP/2000.

I went to move all of my gmod stuff from models and materials on my XP PC to my 7 PC, but for some reason, I can’t see the models folder in either one(I moved gmod folder to portable hard drive for easy transport)

So basically I can’t see the models folder in the windows 7 gmod folder and my original gmod folder. How do I find it?

Did you include the gcf’s?

what gcfs?

I have every needed steam game installed on both. In my garrysmod directory, every folder is there BUT models. Materials is there, addons is there, even screenshots is there, but I can’t see the models folder.

Click a folder, press mo quickly, see if it turns up.
Or try a search - ctrl f.

You need to make one.