Cant find nexus files looked hard as hell

Well after looking my hardest I cant seem to find the nexus framework files i found one on a website that was 0.2mb and one that was 24.6kbs if you can tell me if this is real or fake it would be helpful I know how to setup mySQL and all that but I need some help would be helpful thanks

Nexus was broken a few updates ago, only those who actually paid $300 (god knows why) gets updates.

If you got the leaked or fake version, It would be in a folder called “garrysmod” but if you install it on your server your server will get hacked and be passworded, unless you can take the backdoors out.

Ive already bought the real version i cracked no need anymore for this thread

Doubt it.

Ill have my server up with it soon :3 just need to transfer the files set up the mysql etc i bought the 150 euro version from cloudsixteen (openaura buggy but works) thank you very much