Cant find oil !?

Used more than 50 probes in sandy area…no luck

i have an oil pump in the same area, is that a problem? even when i was far away, no luck :frowning:

any trick?


Just unlucky try to use your survey charges further apart in different sandy areas.

okay will try

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nothing…another 20 surveys gone

You’re just unlucky, this was in the space of around 20 survey charges

I was testing to see how common oil was :stuck_out_tongue:

When you say sandy area… you mean desert and not beach, right?

yes sand area…maybe i was too close to a river?

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another 20 used in many different sand areas…nothing…this sucks…i give up for now

and by “yes sand area” you mean the far south of the map, in the desert, not a sandy spot you found that might be too far north, yeah?

There are spots of sand that won’t have oil if they are too far north.

You can still find some at the Sphere Tank. Not as much, but you can expect to get 70-100 crude oil in barrels, that equals ~210-300 LGF after refining :slight_smile:

yes i was in the very far south of the map.

whats really weird: i have an oil pump in the area i was now searching for another spot. The first spot was found after using 6-7 charges…now, in the same area, and more far away surounding i’ve used more that 80 charges and found nothing…

Took close to 100 charges to find 2 oil deposits on our server. The first was found after about 60, and the second in the high 90s.