Can't find ONE specific server.

So, for about 30 minutes now I’ve been trying to look for one server my friends joined, after mulitple search’s and console command connects, none of this is working at all.
I cannot find this ONE server, where my friends are playing currently.

The second I manage to find the server, I attempt to connect too it, it either doesnt work. Or connects me & then disconnects me 20 seconds later. I’ve restarted my PC, my internet. And it still will not work.
Verified my game cache, joining off steam.

I can also join other servers with no problem at all, it is just this one. Which has my friends currently in it with 0 issues.

What console errors are you getting when it connects you and then kicks you off?

Also, what’s your Steam ID? And how are you launching Rust (as in, what are you clicking)?

I actually haven’t been able to find the server for quite a while now, so I don’t know the error.

Steam ID STEAM_0:0:50988888

What do you mean as in how i’m launching Rust, settings?

Edit : I did a few things and I managed to connect at the moment, maybe it was just a temporary bug. Give me a few minutes :wink:

I meant, were you launching it from the play button in Steam, or were you going and opening RustClient.exe in the install folder or something.

Oh no just using steam, though it seems to of fixed itself at the moment, so I will reply if I fixed this. Sorry for wasting your time. =(

Edit: Ah never-mind, seems to of tossed me out of the server after 20 minutes or so, no console logs provided after being chucked out.

what ping do y have on this srv?
it may be that yours ping is too high to play on this srv

Hit F1, copy-paste what’s there. That’s what I mean by what’s in the console.

It’ll give a reason for disconnection.