Can't find previous mod, help?

A while back when my gaming computer broke, there was a gamemode I was looking at on my laptop. I really liked the idea but can’t find it now. Maybe direct me to something similar please. Okay It’s a zombie survival gamemode, and you get money/points for killing or doing stuff. You could then use that for upgrades like new weapons, a table or such for barricading, and explosives/ misc. It seemed really fun because I like that kind of stuff. Anyone know of a gamemode like that? Preferably where you can set your own weapons, costs, and such? I’d love to just make have a hundred of my weapons and the ability to kill more zombies to buy better ones and survive as long as I can. Think of it as Nazi Zombies but more customization. Thanks ahead of time.

Could it have been Zombie Survival by any chance? :downs:

Well I have not actually played it or taken a look at Zombie Surival, but can you buy guns after the round and what not? I’m also wondering, would it just be easier to have a zombie survival with rounds, and during the rounds have a gunshop? Some have safe doors so when you go in, no one can come in when buying. I take it that seems like a safe, reasonable solution. Although, would it work?

Killing Floor does that. Go play that.

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My god, man. Calm down. He was only trying to help. You should be thankful for what help he did give you. No one on this forum is obliged to answer you, we’re not a customer service.

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And what’s wrong with Killing Floor? :saddowns:


Sorry guys, I didn’t post that. Afterall, I have been nice this whole time and asked. But whatever. Um, Nothings really wrong with Killing Floor. I just assumed with Gmod you could have more people doing it than 4. Maybe that Last Stand mod will work. Thanks guys. Also, It’s the internet. Your not going to believe I didn’t type that which is why I don’t care. But thanks for all the replies.

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NoXiousNet Zombie Survival.


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Zombie forts or something like that I think

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