Can't Find Ragdolls, Props, Etc.

I came a cross a ton of files from this mariokart64n guy recently, so I downloaded them and installed them onto Garry’s Mod and all. When I check on the props menu and the file browser, though, hardly any of them are there, save for a few I downloaded like sovereign. I’ve installed these ragdolls in every way I could imagine, including manually placing each file into their respective folders, dragging the whole folders into the garrysmod folder, placing each folder in the addons folder, and placing each file into their respective folders into the addons folder. In the end, I’ve been unable to locate any of these ragdolls in the actual game. A few of the files I downloaded that I cannot find include Penelo, Heartless, and Night Elf. I believe I might have experienced this problem with other downloads as well. I guessed at first that this was happening because these were Garry’s Mod 9 files, and I’m using GMOD 10, but that wouldn’t explain why some like sovereign still worked for me. Any ideas?

Thanks for all your suggestions, guys. I figured out how to fix the problem, already. YOU ARE ALL SO WONDERFUL!