Cant find server ive been playing on for 3 days ....

Ive established a very large building with alot of resources and, i cant find my server… did they delete a bunch of servers?

did you check the “history” tab of the servers list? it should be there.
you can also hit F1 to bring up the console and click the icon that looks like a refresh button in order to go back to your last played server.

since the recent update the servers may need to update / restart before they can become visible again. From what I can gather the client hides servers which aren’t on the same game version as you.

I tried finding the “update” because i dont remember updating anything, but seems everything is up to date, so maybe my server is still on the older version?

Sorry bud, they also wiped every server so when you do find the one you’re looking for, you will have to start from scratch.